Compressor Oils

Standard, advanced ashless synthetic and food-safe industrial compressor oils.

Antifreeze & Coolants

Mono-ethylene glycol antifreeze, silicate free coolants and organic coolants.

Gear Oils

Heavy duty extreme pressure and heavy duty synthetic industrial gear oils.

Heat Transfer Oils

Premium quality heat transfer oil for use in closed indirect heating systems.

Hydraulic Fluids

Multi-purpose, heavy duty, anti-wear and biodegradeable hydraulic oils.

Metalworking Fluids

Neat cutting oils, EP coolants, heavy duty and chlorine-free coolants.

Refrigeration Oils

High performance, ashless and synthetic refrigeration compressor oils.

Slideway Lubricants

Superior extreme pressure lubricant for machine tool slideways.

Turbine Oils

Supreme performance turbine oils for use with steam, water and gas turbines.